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I told you so

August 9, 2012

Just got a note that Clayton Christensen is speaking at BoxWorks this year.

Now, I’m a huge Christensen fan, so I’m excited to get the chance to see him in person.

But I’m also excited because a while back, I wrote a post on SharePoint’s radical disruption of ECM using Christensen’s model of disruptive innovation as a heuristic. In that post, I examined the growth of SharePoint along the basic contours of how Christensen views all radical, disruptive innovations, closing with the thought that, if Christensen is right, ECM will become a commoditized, run of the mill capability, able to be practiced by the majority of non-specialist users out there.

So seeing him at BoxWorks, a conference run by a software company whose product disrupts SharePoint in the very same way SharePoint once disrupted big ECM, is a good I-told-you-so moment. Which makes up for all the regrettable “Future of ECM” posts I’ve written that turned out to be as inaccurate as 1950s visions of the home of the future that, as regrettably, never became reality.

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