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McKinsey: the value of social collaboration technologies

August 3, 2012

As usual, great stuff from McKinsey–worth digging into.

Now if only more CXOs would actually write the check to do enterprise collaboration right, we’d have something here.

But almost no org I’ve come across has been willing to do what it takes to realize these productivity gains because they’re “soft”…unless you can somehow figure out what your employees will be doing with all that free time and tie it to business results.

How about you folks out there? You think these numbers would spur CXOs to action, or just generate more lip service?

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  1. Randy permalink
    August 6, 2012 6:21 am

    Because they are soft estimates CXO’s are not willing to write checks on initiatives that may not lower cost and right now cost is a hammer they feel daily. The CXO’s have been burned in the past. McKinsey states in the link that folks are spending 20% of their time looking for information. That number hasn’t really changed in over 25 years regardless of technology. Maybe the issue is a human one vs. technology. Technology changes faster than the human. Maybe we are who we are and just take longer to truly change. HHHHhhhhhmmmmm.

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