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A New Kind of ECM Conference

February 24, 2015

Now that the hustle of the end of the year is over, I’ve been turning to focus on Doculabs’ track of the DOCUMENT Strategy Forum (DSF), which takes place May 12 through 14 in Greenwich, Connecticut. The DSF has been going on for almost a decade, and it’s become the premier event for leaders and decision-makers in the customer communication management space – i.e. managing all the pieces of communication (e.g. bills, statements, marketing materials) that a financial services or insurance firm issues to customers, as well as all the additional pieces of communication it receives from them (e.g. applications, complaints, completed forms, signature pages).

For DSF 2014, Doculabs was asked to help extend the conference into enterprise content management (ECM) territory, creating sessions focused on the distinctive challenges and opportunities facing ECM practitioners – from building a strategy and forming a program, to transforming content-centric business processes and enforcing compliance. And in doing this, we wanted to leverage real-world practitioners working at actual organizations, rather than industry experts and talking heads (like myself).

In large measure, we were successful last year: We had 90 percent clients, 10 percent talking heads, which turned out well – because when they were freed from the responsibility of doing all the talking, our talking heads complemented the real-world experience of the organizational representatives quite well.

For this year’s forum, we’re continuing with the same formula, but have been able to attract a greater number of high-level client executives to speak about their ECM efforts, most notably Rod Masney from Owens-Illinois and Chris Cotteleer from Schumacher Group. We’ve also recruited a wider range of industries in 2015. The track is still strong in financial services and insurance, of course, but it now also includes Health Care, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas, Utilities, and a range of Manufacturers (food, high-tech, and specialty).

In the coming months, we’ll be posting more in-depth treatments of the sessions we’ve got on tap, as well as bios of the speakers, but if you’d like to read more about the conference, check out the session grid: DOCUMENT Strategy Forum.

And if you’re interested in learning more about attending, here’s a link to the registration page.

We hope to see you all there!

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