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Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas – Houston, November 3 – 5

October 28, 2014

I’m getting really excited to be a part of the Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas show next week in Houston. I’m presenting a session Wednesday at 10:25 titled Optimizing the O&G Value Chain with Better Information Management and running a pre-conference workshop Monday afternoon, Operational excellence opportunities: Optimising data and information management to support early event detection and resolution. If you’re going to be there, of course I’d recommend my sessions, but here are some of the others I’m looking forward to attending.OPEX logo

Where the rubber meets the road: Linking strategy to operationsTues, 8:45 AM, Martin L. Morrison, Vince Cipresso, and Charles (Chuck) Davison, Jr. This is the $64,000 question, i.e., how do you take all that pie in the sky, sounds great on paper strategy and do something with it?

OpEx Fuels Growth in Oil and Gas Industry – Tues, 1:15 PM, John Boyd and Kevin Duggan. This session looks to be a good mix of operational excellence theory and real world practice drawn from FMC–always love to hear how real folks at real firms are working with best practices.

Linking your operational excellence plan to business needs and changing objectives – Wed, 8:40 AM, Alberto Consuegra. Of course, operational excellence is worth doing for its own sake, but it’s important to make sure your OpEx efforts align with the goals and work of the larger organization.

Achieving and sustaining asset integrity and reliability as part of a holistic operational excellence strategy – Wed, 11:55 AM, Roddy Evans. Hoping to get some good real-world insights from Hess in this session.

These are just four of the sessions–honestly, IQPC has put together such a great line up this year, I think all the sessions are going to be really valuable.

I look forward to seeing some of you there and to sharing insights from the conference here with you all.

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