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DIA EDM and ERS Show – Sneak Peek

September 18, 2014

DIA EDM ERSWith DIA EDM and ERS coming up next week, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on what I’m looking forward to at the show.

Fran Quinn’s session on Internal Collaboration Activities within a Large, Departmentalized and Geographically Distributed Organization should be a good one. I’ve been having lots of conversations with life sciences folks about using social collaboration tools for internal use cases, like collaboration on global regulatory submissions, not just external ones, like study recruitment or PV. Hopefully we’ll get some insight into how Pfizer is tackling this in reg ops and some inspiration for how to start doing it in our own orgs.

Fran’s talk is Monday Sep 22, 1:30PM – 3:00PM, Session 1 Track 2.

Charles Deeck’s Case Study: Transitioning from Enterprise Applications to a Cloud Based Regulatory Information Management System (RIMS) is another talk I’m looking forward to. Moving doc management to the cloud has been something nearly all the life science folks I speak with are considering, if not actively investigating. Although ARIAD’s a smaller organization, based on the slides he uploaded on the conference site, there should be lots of real world insight and advice that even doc management practitioners from large organizations can learn from.

Charles’ talk is Tuesday Sep 23, 8:30AM – 10:00AM, Session 3 Track 2.

Mary Emanoll and Dave Clark are teaming up for a case study, Organizational Transformation through Content Management Optimization–a topic that’s near and dear to my heart (as those of you who know me know well)! This can be a very motherhood and apple pie topic, so glad to see this is a case study that promises to have lots of good take aways for folks to use at their own orgs.

Mary and Dave present Monday Sep 22, 3:30PM – 5:00PM, Session 2 Track 1.

Christian Buckley’s Leveraging the eCTD for Global Efficiency is another topic that’s a big one for me. So many global reg ops organizations struggle to optimize the hand off between US/EU and affiliates–and doing so is a big part of getting time to market down for products in ROW. Although it’s not a case study, hopefully we get some nuggets from Christian’s work with Astellas, AstraZeneca, and SmithKline Beecham.

Christian’s talk is Monday Sep 22, 1:30PM – 3:00PM, Session 1 Track 1.

Too many other good sessions to include them all here, but hopefully these four get you excited for the show! And if you’re going to be in DC, shoot me a note and let’s connect and talk shop…





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