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Transformational ECM

January 18, 2011

You hear a lot of talk about ECM from technology, vendor, process improvement, compliance, and risk angles: what technology does what, which vendor will buy or get bought, how it can help you fix broken processes, improve compliance, minimize risk, and so on.

But the more I work with organizations on developing ECM as a strategic capability, what strikes me is that, at its heart, ECM is mostly about transformation: transforming content as it moves through its lifecycle; transforming processes as they get measured, managed, and optimized; transforming technology as it evolves from a disparate collection of localized, siloed solutions to an enterprise shared services platform; and finally transforming organizations as they make content transparent, portable, and reusable in order to reduce risk, lower costs, or increase margins (or all three).

In that spirit, I want to kick off series of posts on the transformative power of ECM. I plan to take a somewhat vertical approach by addressing how ECM can transform organizations in particular industry verticals as well as within specific corporate functions.

In the first post, we’ll take a look at an industry vertical that’s been getting a lot of attention lately—health payers. With the advent of health care reform, they’re under tremendous pressure to reimagine their operating models to keep pace with the dynamic, emerging shape of health care legislation coming out of Washington. ECM is an important tool available to payers to overcome this challenge between now and 2014—and beyond.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from folks who have topic ideas or feedback on the way I’ve framed up the issue—I love a good conversation, even if it’s mostly heckling…so jump on it!

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